Holt, Muchall families

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Holt, Muchall families

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A reconstruction of the Holt family of Cradley; based on wills, Quaker records and information recounted in a History of the Holtes of Aston by Alfred Davidson.

Other names listed are Bate, Brettell, Briscoe, Burton, Compson, Cox, Davies, Gorton, Gould, Harvey, Hornblower, Hunting, Kem(p)son, Leech, Male, Mason, Maxwell, May, Parsons, Poulton, Smith, Solomon, Thistlewood, Tibbotts, Timmin(g)s.

Any corrections or additions welcome.

The John Holt who married Mary Cooksey, listed at tribalpages is likely the son of Edward Holt (son of Edward Holt & Jane Cooksey) & Hannah Holt (daughter of Thomas Holt & Alice Gill). The banns were read out for him to be married to Mary Cooksey in June-July 1768, they were then crossed out in the register for them 'to be asked again.' Subsequently banns were read out for Jonathan Bolas & Alice Holt, Samuel Holt & Joyce Webb and again John Holt & Mary Cooksey on 20 November-04 December 1768.

http://bcconnections.tribalpages.com/tr ... ver=382783

The Sobieski Holt listed below should correct the record listed at tribalpages

http://bcconnections.tribalpages.com/tr ... ver=382784
http://bcconnections.tribalpages.com/tr ... ver=382784

Sobieski Holt first married Benjamin Shaw and upon her marriage to William Plant she took out an administration of the estate of her then deceased first husband. Benjamin Shaw also witnessed the marriage of Joseph Mason & Jane Holt at Halesowen and William Plant was an executor in the will of John Muchall.

Edward Holt
Coal & Iron Master. Lived at Cradley Manor House.
Married Mary Hornblower - 29 January 1692/3, Stourbridge Meeting House
Died - 09 April 1714
Buried - 11 April 1714, Stourbridge Meeting House
Will - Unknown

Mary Hornblower
Died - After 1718
Will - Unknown

(Supposed Sister)
Elizabeth Holt
Married William Hemmings - 18 August 1691, Saint John-in-Bedwardine

Mary Holt
Born - 09 December 1693, Stourbridge Meeting House (Registered)
Married James Compson - 22 May 1723, Kingswinford
(Possible) Buried - 02 September 1771, Brierley Hill, aged 80 Years

Edward Holt
Born - circa 1695
Married Elizabeth Cox - 06 September 1720, Old Swinford
Died - 26 March 1767
Buried - 29 March 1767, Stourbridge Meeting House
Will - Proven (Worcester) 27 March 1767

Elizabeth Cox
Died - After 1776
Will - Unknown

Ann Holt
Born - 14 August 1721, Stourbridge Meeting House (Registered)
Married John Briscoe - 07 November 1747, Halesowen
Died - 08 November 1778
Buried - 10 November 1778, Stourbridge Meeting House

John Briscoe
Buried (Possible) - 26 December 1760, Halesowen

Sarah Holt
Born - 07 October 1723, Stourbridge Meeting House (Registered)
Married Samuel Brettell - 21 May 1746, Hagley
Buried - 10 November 1765, Halesowen

Samuel Brettell
Buried - 01 November 1768, Halesowen
Will - Proven (Worcester) 22 November 1768

? Holt
Born - between 1721 & 1725
Died - between 1721 & 1725
Buried - Stourbridge Meeting House

Joseph Holt
Attempted Poisoning by his Wife, Partner in Spade Works
Born - 07 February 1726/7, Stourbridge Meeting House (Registered)
Married Mary Harvey - Belbroughton

Mary Holt
Born - December 1729, (Unregistered?)
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married John Muchall - 26 December 1752, Sedgley
Died - 1798
Buried - 11 February 1798, Kingswinford

Elizabeth Holt
Born - Unknown
Married Moses Tibbatts - 28 March 1752, Halesowen
Died - Unknown

Moses Tibbotts
Buried (Possible) - 28 December 1762, Old Swinford

(Possible Son)
Moses Tibbotts
Steel Stud Maker in Lancaster Street and Lench Street in Birmingham
Born - circa 1752
Baptised - 05 April 1775, Birmingham, Saint Martin
Married Sarah Adkins - 27 May 1771, West Bromwich
Died - 1816
Buried - 02 June 1816, Birmingham, Saint Mary

Edward Holt
Born - 15 February 1738, (Unregistered?)
Baptised - 11 February 1757, Halesowen
Married Alice Burton - 05 June 1757, Halesowen

Sobieski Holt
Born - circa 1742, (Unregistered?)
Baptised - Unknown
Married Benjamin Shaw - 08 February 1762, Halesowen
Married William Plant - 23 September 1776, Kingswinford
Died 1809
Buried - 10 October 1809, Brierley Hill"

John Holt
Partner in Spade Works
Born - February 1743, (Unregistered?)
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married (Possibly) Mary Gorton - 29 April 1770, Alveley

Jane Holt
Born - June 1747, (Unregistered?)
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married Joseph Mason - 28 August 1769, Halesowen
Married John Muchall - 30 July 1798, Birmingham, Saint Philip’s Cathedral
Died - 1804
Buried - 07 June 1804 - Birmingham, Saint Philip’s Cathedral


Family of John Muchall & Mary Holt

Jonathan Holt (als Muchall)
Born - February 1748
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married Mary Bate - 06 August 1782, Kingswinford
Died - 1809
Buried - 24 May 1809, Bromsgrove

James Muchall
Born - July 1753
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married Joyce Male - 21 April 1776, Birmingham, Saint Martin
Died - 1821
Buried - 16 October 1821, Kingswinford

Edward Muchall
Whitesmith, Farmer
Born - March 1755
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married Mary Poulton - 14 September 1778, Halesowen
Died - 26 April 1837
Buried - 01 May 1837, Tardebigge

John Muchall
Private in the Army, Blacksmith, Gunsmith
Born - April 1757
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married Jane (Hunting) - 04 February 1805, Birmingham, Saint Martin
Died - 1824
Buried - 21 September 1824, Bordesley, Holy Trinity

Robert Muchall
Served in the Royal Marines
Born - February 1758
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married Jane Davies - 25 February 1781, Plymouth, Charles the Martyr
Married Ann (May) - 20 March 1796, Birmingham, Saint Martin
Died - Before 1817
Buried - Unknown

Daniel Muchall
Private in the Warwickshire Militia
Born - December 1760
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married Elizabeth Kemson - 10 November 1783, Halesowen
Married Ann (Swain) - 26 October 1795, Birmingham, Saint Martin
Died - 1805
Buried - 06 March 1805, Kingswinford

Sarah Muchall
Abandoned by her Husband
Born - September 1762
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married John Solomon - 16 November 1780, Old Swinford
Died - December 1837
Buried - 18 December 1837, Wordsley

William Muchall
Whitesmith in Birmingham (circa 1801)
Born - February 1764
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Died - After 1816
Buried - Unknown

Elizabeth Muchall
Born - April 1766
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married Joseph Timmins - 20 September 1790, Birmingham, Saint Philip’s Cathedral
Died - Between 1816 & 1837
Buried - Unknown

Thomas Muchall
Private in the Army, Whitesmith, Armourer
Born - July 1768
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married Elizabeth Gould - 31 December 1790, Kingswinford
Died - 1801
Buried - 27 October 1801, Birmingham, Saint Philip’s Cathedral

Joseph Muchall
Cowkeeper in Sculcoates near Hull
Born - April 1770
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married Mary Smith - 15 April 1792, Sculcoates, All Saints
Died - 1828
Buried - 29 September 1828, Sculcoates, All Saints & Saint Mary’s

Mary Muchall
Born - April 1771
Baptised - 20 March 1774, Kingswinford
Married Benjamin Leech - 27 December 1790, Kingswinford
Died - 1824
Buried - 24 August 1824, Dudley, Saint Thomas


Possible Relatives of John Muchall

Mary Muchall
Born - circa 1742
Married Gabriel Parsons 11 June 1769, Halesowen
Died - 1818
Buried - 04 October 1818, Halesowen

Gabriel Parsons
Born - circa 1743
Baptised - 25 December 1744, Rowley Regis
Married Mary Muchall - 11 June 1769, Halesowen
Died - 1827
Buried - 11 May 1827, Halesowen

Margaret Muchall
Married Henry Maxwell - 31 May 1753, Wolverhampton
Died - 1784
Buried - 30 May 1784, Birmingham, Saint Martin
No Will or Administration

Henry Maxwell
Spur Maker in Birmingham
Born - 13 September 1727
Baptised - 28 September 1727, Ribbesford
Married Margaret Muchall - 31 May 1753, Wolverhampton
Died - 1785
Buried - 13 February 1785, Birmingham, Saint Martin
No Will or Administration


A History of the Holtes of Aston, Baronets: With a Description of the Family Mansion, Aston Hall, Warwickshire
Alfred Davidson (of Aston.)
E. Everitt, 1854 - 76 pages


Sir Robert Holte, as will be seen by reference to a former page, had four sons by his second wife, all of whom, according to Collins, died without issue. There are parties, however, who claim descent from Edward, the younger son, and to them we now advert.

The most diligent search has failed to discover any record relative to the births of any of Sir Robert's children. From his grandfather's will he appears to have been married to his second wife as early as 1650, so that some of his children would be born during the time of the Commonwealth. No record, however, appears at Aston of any of them having been there baptized; and after the Restoration, being a member of Parliament, he would probably reside chiefly in London; but all investigations among the metropolitan registers have been fruitless. Neither has the most unwearied search sufficed to show that Sir Robert made any will. He was buried on the 3rd of October, 1679, little more than three months after the death of his wife, so that it is probable, from the shortness of the interval, he died intestate. We mention these circumstances to show the difficulties attending the case. Collins's statement-positive as it appears-is by no means to be relied on: he gave it as he received it from Sir Charles; but as the latter would consider his brother a disgrace to the Family, he would pass him over in the briefest manner.

This (supposed) Edward-probably from his acquaintance with William Hemings, of Worcester, a member of the Society of Friends, (who married Elizabeth, the elder daughter of Sir Robert)-embraced the opinions held by that body. In the month of January, 1692-the same year as his sister's marriage-he wedded, at the Friends' Meeting, at Dudley, Mary Hornblower, of Hales Owen. His place of residence was at Brierley Hill, where he carried on business as a coal and iron master. From the Court Rolls of the Manor of Cradley, it appears that at a Court Baron held the 21st of October, 1685, (the year after he was stated by Collins as alive,)* John Wheeler and Elenore his wife surrendered certain houses and lands at Cradley, containing in all sixteen acres, to the use of Edward Holt and his heirs for every; a life interest in one of the houses being reserved to one Elizabeth Cole. The fine paid amounted to £12. He was buried at the Friends' Meeting House, at Stourbridge, in 1714, being about fifty years of age, leaving two children-Mary, born October 9th 1693, married to James Compson; and Edward, born 1695. The name of the daughter is inserted in the Friends' books, at Stourbridge, but not that of the son. From the Court Rolls of the Manor of Bewdley, however, it appears that, in 1718, Edward Holt, with Mary Holt, widow, his mother, mortgaged the whole of the property to Joseph Palmer, of Hagley, gent; and in the same rolls for 1721, the payment of the mortgage by, and re-surrender of the property to, this Edward, are recorded. He lived at Cradley Manor House, which formed part of the purchase by his father in 1685; and married Elizabeth Cox, of the Lye Waste, on the 6th of September, 1720. Bred up in the tenets of the Friends, he resolutely adhered to them through life, and firmly withstood the offers of Sir Lister (with whom he was on visiting terms) to conform to the Church of England. he never had any of his children baptized, notwithstanding Sir Lister's strong solicitations, who, in a frolic, obtained possession for a short time of one of the younger daughters, whom he cause to be baptized by the name of Sobieski! In 1746, it appears by the Bewdley Court Rolls, he surrendered the property to the uses specified in his will; and dying in 1767, was buried at the Friends' Meeting House, in Stourbridge. His wife survived him, and in the year last mentioned she was admitted tenant of the property, according to the will of her late husband, the fine paid being £18. The property was ultimately disposed of in 1776. This gentleman had a family of three sons-Joseph, Edward, and John; and six daughters-Anne, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Sobieski,

* The point to be established, of course, is, as to the identity of the Edward Holte, son of Sir Robert, with Edward Holt, of Brierley Hill. This nas not yet been proved.


and Jane. Of the sons, Joseph had a son and daughter, who both died young. John, the younger son, had a numerous issue. Edward, the second son, born in 1738, lived in Birmingham, and was engaged with his brother in the spade manufacture at Cradley Forge. He was well acquainted with the late Mr. Hutton; and it was through misinterpreting the information procured from him, that the historian fell into the strange mistake of supposing that the head of the Family was originally a blacksmith. Mr. Holt died in 1800, leaving four sons-John, Edward, Benjamin, and Cornelius; and six daughters. John dying without issue, Edward became the representative of the Family; he was born in 1771, and died in 1831, leaving one son, Edward, born in 1806, (an extensive wire drawer and pin manufacturer in Birmingham.) and two daughters, Mary and Sarah; the former now living.

It may not be out of place here to refer to the circumstance that the parties whose history has just been briefly given, acting upon the idea that the entail had never been legally cut off, but supposing (like Hutton and others) that no fine had ever been levied, and that the disposition of the estate was entirely dependent on Sir Lister's will, made great exertions, by examinations of registers and wills, and other means, to obtain the necessary evidence in support of their claim; and it was not till 1849 that they became aware of the deed of the 30th of June, 1742, an abstract of the contents of which has already been given. Immediately on obtaining this information, Mr. Holt submitted the case to the opinion of counsel, by whom the following reply was returned:-

"Sir Lister Holte being in possession of the fee, and of full age, I am inclined to think he was legally entitled to sue a fine for the purpose of a recovery, and the counsel of his brother Charles, at the time a minor, was not legally necessary.

"Provided the entail has been legally cut off, Sir Lister Holte could leave the property to whom he pleased, which he appears to have done' and the fadure of the male heirs to whom the devise was made according to his will, entitled the right heirs of Sir Lister to the property; and as the male heirs are not named, but heirs general, Mrs. Bracebridge being the next and nearest in blood, I believe would come in."

This opinion, so clearly stating the case, of course decided the matter; and whatever claim Mr. Holt may have to the Baronetcy, it is quite certain that the property was lawfully alienated .We may remark that Mr. Holt has in his possession three hatchments, on panel, that have descended from the first Edward; but they are not the arms of any family registered in the Herald's College; neither are they good heraldry, the blazonry being in some particulars incorrect.

Numerous persons in the neighbourhood of Brierley Hill and Cradley claim affinity to the Family, and one person at Tipton has acquired some notoriety by his proceedings. There are also other parties at Abbots Bromley, and in Derbyshire, who declare themselves to be the "rights heirs," and a gentleman in the county of Middlesex also asserts his right to the title;-but in no case have we been furnished with any information which tends to prove the relationship.

On the death of Sir Charles Holte, in 1782, the estates, according to the settlement in Sir Lister's will, reverted to Mr. Heneage Legge, but that gentleman had no issue, and the same remark applies to Mr. Digby, the third party nominated in the will. The Bishop of St. Asaph, who was placed second, died, without issue, in 1802. Mrs. Bracebridge was consequently heir at law. On the security of this reversion her husband raised large sums of money, which, in consequences of his bad success in the working of a patent for the manufacture of soap, and from other causes, he was unable to discharge, and he had, in consequence, become so seriously embarrassed, that after various agreements from time to time, an indenture was entered into between Heneage Legge, Wriothesley Digby, Abraham and Mary Elizabeth Bracebridge, and other, in which "after taking notice of the said will of the said Sir Lister Holte, and that neither of them the said Heneage Legge and Wriothesley Digby had, and that it was not probable that either of them would have any issue,"* it was recited that

"Unless some arrangement could be made with the tenants for life of the said estates, it would be absolutely necessary to sell the said reversion, in order to satisfy, so far as the purchase money for the same would extend, the several

*Mr Legge was about seventy, and Mr. Digby seventy-two years of age
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Re: Holt, Muchall families

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Re: Holt, Muchall families

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