BMD Certificates.

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BMD Certificates.

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A Basic Guide of What to Find on Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates in England and Wales.

A Birth Certificate Will Contain,

The Date of Birth and where born.
The Name.
Name and Surname of the Father
Name and Maiden Name of Mother.
Occupation of Father.
Description and residence of informant.
When Registered
Signature of Registrar.
(After 1969 details of Parents' place of Birth and Mothers Occupation)

A Marriage Certificate Will Contain,

Date When Married.
Name and Surname of Bride and Groom.
Condition. Bachelor Spinster or widowed
Rank or Profession.
Residence at the Time of Marriage.
Fathers’ names and Surnames of both parties.
Rank and Profession of both Fathers.
Witnesses to the Marriage.

A Death Certificate Will Contain,

The Date and Place of where the Death Occurred.
Name of the Deceased.
Cause of Death.
Description and Residence of the Informant.
When Registered.
Signature of Registrar.
(After 1969 Date and Place of Birth of Deceased)
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