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Re: Rogues Gallery

PostPosted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 2:58 pm
by watters2831
NAME>>>>>>>> Patrick Mcloughlin born 1855 Salford , Manchester
occupation = dyer

CRIME>>>>>>>>>>> Possibly - General Quarter Session of the peace, held, Lancaster and by adournment at Preston, Manchester and Liverpool
18th October 1880,
Patrick Mc Loughlin, Unlawfully wounding, 1 year and for the further term of 3 months unless £1.10. 0 is paid to prosecutor as a modicale(?) allowance for his costs and loss of time. Recognizances in £20 and 2 sureties in £10 each to keep peace 1 year.

PUNISHMENT>>>> a stint at Cheetham Hill prison (from 1881 census)

Re: Antique Rogue Show! ---or our Rogues Gallery

PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:13 pm
by Antie Em
NAME>>>>>>>> John Duffield

My other half's 4 x Great Grandfather - John Duffield - I have typed up the full transcript of the trial - really interesting, mentions pubs and meeting places in Birmingham and Darlaston. Mentioned in the Bugle a couple of years ago - but I can't find the link

Wolverhampton Chronicle
Wednesday, August 4 1819
Staffordshire Summer Assizes

Josiah Wilkes, Thomas Earp alias Reddall and John Duffield for having at Darlaston feloniously and traitorously made and counterfeited a certain piece of coin to the likeness of a shilling.

Wolverhampton Chronicle
Wednesday, August 25 1819

On Saturday morning, at about half past eight o’clock, John Duffield underwent the awful sentence of the law at the front of the county goal at Stafford, for counterfeiting, at Darlaston, the coin of this realm called a shilling, of which he was convicted (with Josiah Wilkes and Thos. Earp) at our late assizes.

Re: Antique Rogue Show! ---or our Rogues Gallery

PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:51 pm
by dudleytaylor
I have a list of Rogues in my family.
Some you have already read about on this Rogues Gallery.

Name>>>>>>>MARY BAGLEY 1770-1849 (Bowater), she was married to my 4th great uncle George Bowater , she left behind two young sons ,Roger Bagley and Samuel Bowater, in her will she left them £200.

Name>>>>>Then there was MERCY ONIONS 1844-1908,left her employment without permission , she was the sister in law to me great uncle Jacob Hughes of Oldbury.

Name>>>>>Then there was poor JAMES BOWATER 1830-1883 1st cousin 6 x removed spent most of his life going in and out of Winson Green Prison for stealing anything from coffin handles to brass weights, in the end he died in the Workhouse after he was found sitting in a chair senseless,he later died of a temporal haemorrhage, the coroner remarked"It was not unusual thing in Birmingham for a working man to suffer from want of sufficient food"

Name>>>>> Last, until i find some more THOMAS JACKSON 1816-1858 from Portsmouth cousin 4x removed charged with larceny for stealing sausages given 7 years in Australia.

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