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Antique Rogue Show! ---or our Rogues Gallery

Postby Northern Lass » Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:01 pm

Were your Ancestors pure as the driven slush!
I know some of mine were right tinkers! ........well Coal miners actually ...but you catch the drift!

So post under this thread and we can form our very own .....


Give us the Name, Area they were from, Crime, and Punishment and any other details and we can have a real hall of shame!
With photos if possible too! copyright ones though!

Get postin! :wink:

ps please note try and put it in the format we are using or no worries I can tweak it :wink: .
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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby Northern Lass » Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:06 pm

NAME >>>>>>>>>William ROSE b 1852 Cradley Heath, Staffs.

CRIME>>>>>>>>>Assault on the lady he was living with in 1901.
(If anyone is interested in the newspaper article pm me)

PUNISHMENT>>> In 1901 he was sentenced to 3mths hard labour.(unsure where.)

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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby dianel » Wed Nov 05, 2008 7:30 am

NAME>>>>>>>>>>>Sarah TROMANS (nee PERRY) (abt 1787, Rowley Regis)

CRIME>>>>>>>>>>Stole 6 napkins

PUNISHMENT>>>> Sarah was given 7 years at the Salop Quarter Sessions 14 Jan 1820, transported fom London May 22, 1820 arriving Sydney 13 Sept 1820 on Morley 3. Then to Female Factory Parramatta 19 Sep 1820 with female child aged 6 (Mary Ann TRUEMAN).


NAME>>>>>>>>Benjamin PERRY (1803, Rowley Regis), brother to Sarah above Stafford Assizes Tuesday 4th September 1821.

CRIME>>>>>>>>>>> "The following were found guilty of burglary of a dwelling house owned by Paul Downing & stealing apparel, household goods & his property -
John Priest
Benjamin Perry
Ephraim Rollason
Sam Perry"[/b]

PUNISHMENT>>>>Transported to Sydney 1822 for life on Asia (2). Arrived in Sydney from England on 24/7/1822
Accompanied explorer, Alan Cunningham on botanical exploration in NSW.

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Postby linell » Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:54 am

NAME>>>>>>Richard Bennett (age 19) and Thomas Mansell (age 20)

CRIME>>>>>On the night of 20 November 1849 Richard Bennett walked from Butchers Lane near Overend to Two Gates and on out of Cradley town towards Wollescote. He joined his friend Thomas Mansell along the way. Richard was 19 and Thomas was 20. They were chain makers, work was short and they were hungry. Richard's mother Jemima had died four years earlier, leaving his father James with five children to bring up as well as earning a meagre living as a nailor.

The two lads walked along Oldnall Road and the scene rapidly changed to open countryside. They made their way along the lane towards Pargeter's Farm at Foxcote, just a mile or two from where they lived, and in a fateful moment decided to take a sheep to feed their families.

Caroline Elizabeth Pargetter was a landed proprietor and farmer of 40 acres at Foxcote Farm. She lived there with her cook and dairymaid, housemaid, waggoner and two servants. Richard and Thomas's decision to relieve her of a sheep was not their best decision and they bungled the act. They were caught, jailed and tried at Worcester Epiphany Sessions on 31st December 1849. Their crime was to have feloniously killed one wether sheep, property of Caroline Pargetter, with intent to steal the carcass.

PUNISHMENT>>>>>>They were each sentenced to 10 years transportation.
For Richard and Thomas, this one desperate act, unsuccessfully executed, brought about the end of their lives as they knew it.
We don't know what happened to Thomas after the trial, but for Richard it was followed by a longer trial of extraordinary endurance that ended in a successful life.
It was three years before he reached the other side of the world, during which time he endured prison regimes that were perhaps worse
than the transportation itself.

Thomas Mansell could be connected to my Mansell line, but not found any evidence of this so far.

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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby Nemo » Wed Nov 19, 2008 4:05 pm

Quite a Black Country Girl :!:

NAME>>>>>>>>>>>>Mary Bowater

CRIME>>>>>>>>>>>Convicted for stealing a coat

PUNISHMENT>>>>>>Mary Bowater was tried at Stafford on 20 March 1802 – 7years transportation to New South Wales;

she finally arrived aboard ”The Experiment” in Sydney 24 June 1804, going on to Port Dalrymple in 1805.
In 1811 she wed another transportee, Thomas Smith who had been tried in Essex.
In due time the Smiths acquired considerable land.
Thomas Smith was granted 50 acres of land at Norfolk Plains in 1823 by the Governor of New South Wales.
Unfortunately Thomas drowned whilst crossing a river.

Mary who had been the driving force behind Thomas took over the running of the land and appears to have had 600 acres and numerous sheep & cattle. She also held 3 licenses for pole carts.. In 1829 she purchased a further 200 acres, selling this on to acquire a further 1000 acres, and continued to acquire further land in 1836.

As a landowner with a reputation for fine horse stock she took to Horse Racing and her horse “Little John” won a succession of races including the Launceston St Leger in 1843 & the Town Plate at New Town in 1844.
The culmination of this was the winning of the Hobart Plate in 1844.

So for a woman convicted for stealing a coat marrying a man convicted for stealing a lamb, acquiring wealth and repute she proved more than a match for the “men only “circuit of the time.

Mary died childless in 1849 aged 80, the informant being Daniel Bowater (another transported convict) a farmer at Long Plains.
Money was divided between various family members in England.
Those who inherited were Susannah Gould wife of William (Rowley Regis) George Bagley (Dudley) Thomas & Jeremiah Bagley (Rowley) and Sarah Parish (Halesowen).
A further £200 was divided between Roger Bagley (Hales, Salop) and Samuel Bagley, Victualler of West Bromwich)

Five Bowater Convicts arrived in Tasmania 1827-1838, who all came from Birmingham.
The links are a work in progress that may be lost in time or at best a conjecture.

The full story is accessible online and I am proud to have exchanged information with its author Irene Schaffer who has researched the convicts of Norfolk Plains.
I have copies of the wills .
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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby marie » Thu Nov 20, 2008 12:35 am

Some families strayed very early......

NAME >>>>>>>>>>>>>Richard de Peppelowe

In the Calendar of Patent Rolls 7 Edward II - 1313 September 5th is the following

CRIME >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Commission of oyer and terminer to Hugh de Audale, William Trussel, and Richard de Harlegh on complaint by Richard Hord that Richard, Abbot of Haghemon, brothers Simon de Tumedebury, Nicholas de Longenoire, Richard de Peppelowe and Peter de Somerford, his fellow canons, William son of John de Muridene, Robert de Preston, Hugh de Eton, Thomas de Eton and Stephen de Roshale, with others broke his close at Walleford co. Salop, depastured his corn growing there, felled and tore up his trees, and carried away the trees and other goods of his.


Others maintained the family tradition


NAME >>>>>>>>>>>>>Humfrey Peploe

1634 - Bromsgrove

CRIME >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Indictment of William Underhill Yeoman and Humphrey Peploe
Yeoman both of Bromsgrove for obstructing a watercourse in a place called th "Lecklie" by digging a trench in the King's highway in the Parish of Bromsgrove

Marie (GOONS 5318)
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My Violent G-Gran

Postby jac » Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:16 pm

This is from the Birmingham Daily Post Aug.11 1888

District News Dudley
Violent Assault With A Pint Cup.

NAME>>>>>> "Bridget Durkin(32)Chapel St,a well known hawker,was......

CRIME>>>.... charged with cutting and wounding Thomas Henry,the manager
of the Three Horseshoes Inn,Stafford St,.
There was a quarrel in the house between a gipsy and a woman,and Durkin interfered.The latter took up the
pint cup,and knocked the gipsy over,cutting him with it.The manager Henry,then tried to save the man,and Durkin cut his
cheek open with the remains of the cup.Defendant pleaded
mis-adventure,and said she had apologised to the complainant

PUNISHMENT >>The Bench said she was well known as a violent woman,
and she would have to go to gaol for a month."

My Dad says he can remember someone saying to him when he was a child,that
"Yower granny was a right un"
now we know why! I'm presuming the above is what they were referring to.
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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby Loakesy » Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:40 pm

Reported in "The Times" dated 15th September 1881:

NAME>>>>>>>>>>>William LOAKES

CRIME>>>>>>>>>>obstructed one of the tramway cars in the Jamaica Road, Bermondsey.

PUNISHMENT>>>>>He was fined 40s and costs!

"At southwark, William LOAKES, a driver of a Hansom cab was summoned by Inspector Stansfield on behalf of the Southwark and Deptford Tramway Company (Limited), for unlawfully obstructing one of the tramway cars in the Jamaica Road, Bermondsey. He was fined 40s and costs"
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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby RachelK » Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:31 am

NAME >>>>>>>>>>> Thomas Kendrick b.1846

CRIME >>>>>>>>>>. Stealing brass scrap

PUNISHMENT >>>>> Remanded for week on bail

Birmingham Daily Post. Friday April 11, 1890.

District news - Wolverhampton.

Charge of stealing brass scrap - At the police court yesterday, William Davies, locksmith, Bloomsbury St and Thomas Kendrick, Brickkiln St, were charged with stealing a quantity of brass-scrap, the property of some person unknown. Prisoners offered the brass for sale at a foundry in School Street, the manager of the foundry, however, handing it over to Detective Martin. Davies was sent to gaol for twenty one days with hard labour, while Kendrick was remanded for a week on bail.

This was my great great Grandad Thomas who was from Stourbridge, but moved to Wolverhampton after he married. When I told my Dad about this story he found it hilariously ironic, as he now runs an engineering company in Wolves, and they are constantly being broken into by local 'reprobates', stealing scrap materials.
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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby RachelK » Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:37 am

NAME>>>>>>>>>>> Mercy Onions b.1844

CRIME>>>>>>>>>> Leaving work without employers permission

PUNISHMENT>>>>> Payed costs, and threatened with prison

Birmingham daily post, thursday june 18, 1863
Oldbury (Worcs)

CAUTION TO BRICKMAKERS - At the police court on tuesday, Sarah Greene, Mercy Onions and Susannah Jackson were charged with having neglected the service of the Messrs Sadler. Mr Shakespeare appeared in support of the information. The defendants pleaded guilty. It appeared that they were employed by complainants to make bricks, and about a fortnight ago they left work, and thereby caused Mr Saddler to sustain serious loss, he having had to purchase his bricks, and keep his day men and horses without work for them to do. He had been repeatedly served this way, and therefore asked the court to convict and punish. With respect to Jackson, it was stated as she had gone to work the following day, the charge against her would not be pressed. For the other two, it was stated that they were the ringleaders, who enticed the other girls away. They denied this, and said that the foreman told them they might go away. The foreman, however, contradicted this. The bench with the consent of the complainants, ordered Onions and Greene to pay costs, and initmated that a conviction would be recorded against them, and that in any future case of a similar kind the offenders would be sent to prison.

This was my great great grandma, wife of the above Thomas Kendrick, a year before they married.
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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby jac » Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:35 am

NAME >>>>>>>>> Bridget Durkin(1855)

CRIME>>>>>>>>>> Assault

PUNISHMENT>>>>>> Fined 40shillings + costs

Birmingham Daily Post 14 March 1882
District News Dudley

Another Stafford Street Row
Bridget Durkin,rag sorter,was charged with assaulting
Jane Elizabeth Jewkes.
The defendant was charged with creating a great disturbance
in Stafford St. a week ago,met the complainant and violently
assaulted her,cutting her head open and kicking her several

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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby jac » Sun Jan 18, 2009 11:00 am

NAME >>>>>>>>> James Durkin

CRIME>>>>>>>>>> Drunk and Disorderly

PUNISHMENT>>>>>> 14 days gaol

Birmingham Daily Post June 29 1889

A Well Known Character
James Durkin 30 miner of Chapel St. was sent to gaol for 14 days without option of a fine,for being drunk and disorderly.
He had been 31 times previously convicted.

My g.gran's(Bridget Durkin) brother.

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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby Sarah_Carney » Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:37 am

NAME >>>>>>>>William Almond Cotterill
Born 1852 Kingswinford, Staffordshire

CRIME >>>>>>>>March 2nd 1877 Imprisonment for Imbezzlement

PUNISHMENT >>8 months hard labour.


His father was also a Criminal who was transported!
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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby KayM » Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:13 pm

NAME>>>>>>>Mary Ann Price born 1856 in Ayrshire, wife of her cousin Mathew Rolinson or Rollison born 1847 in Walsall

CRIME >>>>>>>>Made a false declaration to the Registrar regarding her daughter Agnes in 1882. She said her husband was the father whereas they has been apart for several years.

PUNISHMENT >>Admonition. Kilmarnock District Court believed she had acted in ignorance. (Cumnock Chronicle, October 1882) In fact, on the birth certificate of a previous child she had declared her husband was not the father.

Sadly baby Agnes died a few months later. And Mary Ann went on to marry again, declaring herself a widow when her husband/cousin was still alive! This time she appears to have got away with it!
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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby Alice » Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:52 pm

NAME>>>>>>>>>>> William Randle b 1891 (Great Bridge)

CRIME>>>>>>>>>> borrowed a horse and rode it home, then he stole a pair of shoes from the display at the front of a shop in West Bromwich

some years later he was mortally wounded on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, he had his legs blown off and died of his wounds 2 months later,the family felt it was retribution for pinching the shoes

Alice :-)
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