Looking for Daniel William Jennings!

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Looking for Daniel William Jennings!

Postby Mrs.S2012 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 1:31 am

Hi all,
I am very new to this and am completely stuck.
So I was struggling to find a father for my grt grt grt grandfather George Jennings (b1835/1836). Someone on here very kindly found the marriage details for George and Mary Jane Morley which listed George's father as a Daniel William Jennings (deceased).
I still couldn't find a birth record for George but did find a Baptism record for 1836 which listed a Daniel Jennings and a Mary Ann as parents.. so I'm thinking that has to be them.
Now I am trying to trace them and this is where I seem to have hit a wall. I can't seem to find a census record anywhere with the pair of them on it. A Mary Ann Jennings appears on the 1841 census living in London with 6 children including a George (b1836), I managed to find baptism records for 3 of the other children which lists a Daniel Jennings and a Mary Ann as their parents, I guessed that Daniel had been around to father the children then possibly died before 1841? (last child is born 1840)
Mary Ann is listed as living with someone called Samuel Jennings who is 10 years older then her but no idea of the relationship, have I just stumbled upon a completely different family!?
I have tried looking for them both on the 1831 census but can't find either of them.. just comes up with zero results?
Really want to solve this but as I said I'm new to this and I'm really not sure where to turn next?? If anyone can suggest what my next step will be, seems strange how I can't find either of them on either the 1831 or 1921 census as I'm sure they would have been alive and kicking somewhere??
Help and advice much appreciated! :-)
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Re: Looking for Daniel William Jennings!

Postby BC Wench » Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:56 am

I am going to archive this thread.

See here for replies to the above.

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