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Halesowen lads who joined the Anzacs.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:51 am
by MarkCDodd
Expat66 was asking about his relative who were born in England but fought as an Anzac during WW1.

There were over 11000 London born lads who signed up with the Anzacs!!

I was curious as to how many Black Country lad signed up with the Anzacs.

First Black Country town I looked up was Halesowen and there were 5 listed.

One of them is Charles Nyles Cutler, son of this Joseph Cutler.

Looks like Joseph and his family moved over to oz just before the war.

Harry Layton born abt 1896

William Layton born abt 1894

William Ewart White born abt 1884 son of Benjamin R T White.

Philip Wyld born abt 1892.

43 from Dudley.

3 from Oldbury.

6 from Smethwick.

139 from Wolverhampton!!!!