Philemon Taylor in service or not?

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Philemon Taylor in service or not?

Postby Frodo » Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:32 pm

There is a family rumour (mentioned in a note made by my grandfather, Nathan Manger Taylor) that Philemon Taylor died at war but I am unable to find any evidence that he even served his country. He was born at Stoke Prior on 21st September 1819 (see BCC although spelt Phillimon on here - I believe it is Philemon as this matches the family bible and his father Joseph's Will) and was still alive in 1841 when Joseph wrote his Will.

Are there any sources or does anyone know of anything which could substantiate this - I used the free access to Ancestry yesterday and the Philemon I found who seemed to match my ancestor by birth date etc seems to have moved to Worrall in Yorkshire and died 18th September 1881 - perhaps that counts as going to war! I wonder if he served somewhere like the Crimea but did not return to Stoke Prior afterwards.

Anything that would confirm or dispell the rumour would help.
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