Important information on researching ancestors

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Important information on researching ancestors

Postby apowell » Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:45 am

The information listed below is very important to understand prior to researching ancestors from the First World War onwards. Please see the useful hints & tips thread for further information.

First World War
The British Army World War One Service Records are War Office (WO) records also known as the WO363 records and the Pension Records War Office (WO) records WO364 records also known as the ‘Burnt Documents.’ In 1940 there was a World War Two bombing raid on the War Office in London where the records were held. During this raid, a large portion (approximately 60 per cent) of the 6.5 million records was destroyed by fire. The surviving service records have become known as the ‘Burnt Documents’.

Second World War-onwards
The MOD is the custodian of the records of service of Service personnel and Home Guard records until they are opened to general public access at the National Archives. Subject to the payment of an administration fee of £30 per record and provision of a death certificate (except where death was in service), certain information can be provided from the records of service of Service personnel on request under the publication scheme.

Soldier - Next of Kin includes:
1) Spouse/ Partner or Parent (if no Spouse) of Soldier
2) Son / Daughter of Soldier
3) Grandchild of Soldier
4) Father / Mother of Soldier
5) Brother / Sister of Soldier
6) Nephew / Niece of Soldier
7) Grandparent of Soldier

Whoever is living and closest to the top of the list must apply, or approve the form so you can apply.

If you aren't on the above list or if you are on the list, but someone in the family is alive and closer to the top of the list, you need their consent to apply, or you must apply as a General Enquirer.

The information that is held on individuals varies depending on which Service they served with, when they served and the length of their Service. In a small number of cases little or no information may be held. Applicants should be aware that the £30 administration fee is non-refundable whatever the outcome of the search.

Note: You MUST have the Soldier's Service Number and/or Date of Birth to apply. You must also provide a copy of the soldier's death certificate (unless they died in service).
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