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chrisg Surnames Here

Postby chrisg » Fri Mar 05, 2010 5:15 pm

My surnames are:-
ALCHIN (mid-1700's in Wilmington, Kent)
ALLEN (1700's in Cobham, Kent and Alverstoke, Hampshire)
ATTEW or ATHOW (1700-1900 IN Thorpe Market, Norfolk)
BAKER (1750-1900 in Cobham, Kent)
BARNET (1700's in Chinnor, Oxfordshire)
BAYNE (1700's and 1800's in Woolwich/Greenwich)
BIRD (mid-1700's in Sustead, Norfolk)
BLOCKLEY (mid-1700's to 1900 in Claybrook/Dunton Bassett/Churchover, Leicestershire/Warwickshire)
BRIEN or BRYAN (1830's in Ireland, 1850's Deptford, Kent)
BROOKS (1800's in Marylebone, London)
BULL (mid-late 1700's in Claybrook, Leicestershire)
BURNHAM (1700's in Kingston Blount, Oxfordshire)
BUTLER (1650-1750 in Chinnor, Oxfordshire)
BYNNEY (1700's in Dartford, Kent)
CHURCHMAN (1700's in Nacton, Suffolk)
CLARK (1800's in Exeter, Devon)
CLOSE (1700's in Ipswich, Suffolk)
CLOSS (1800's Ipswich, Suffolk and Greenwich/Deptford/Woolwich)
COOPER (Mary 1750-1850 in Dartford area)
COX (Mary 1700's in Burton Dassett, Warwickshire)
CROPPER (1750 - 1850 in Bacup/Rochdale/Rossendale Lancashire)
DANKS (mid-1700's in Rowley Regis)
DAVIS (1700's in New Forest)
DAWES (Mary, mid 1700's in Nacton, Suffolk)
DELL (1700's in Bedforshire, 1800's in Buckinghamshire, mid-1800's in West Bromwich)
DRAY or DOWEY or DEWEY (1600's in Christchurch, Hampshire)
DREWE (1800's in Exeter, Devon and Greenwich/Deptford/Lewisham in London)
DUKES (1700-1800's in New Forest)
ENDICOTT (Mary Ann 1825 in Chudleigh, Devon)
EUSTACE or EWSTACE( 1600 & 1700's in Chinnor area, Oxfordshire)
FISHER (1700 & 1800's in Strood and Dartford, Kent)
FLITT (1700's in Ashton Rowant, Oxfordshire)
GARNISH (1700's in Kidderminster, Worcestershire)
GARRATT or GARRETT or GARROT (1700's & early 1800's in Burton Dassett, Warwickshire; mid 1800's on in West Bromwich)
GAUNTLETT (1700's in New Forest)
GILDERSLEEVE (1650-1750 in Nacton, Sufolk)
GIRT (1650-1750 Great Finborough, Suffolk)
GOLDEN (1700's in Thorpe Market, Norfolk)
GRIFFIN (James 1825, Ellen n. BROOKS? 1831, Mary Ann 1851 and James 1854 in Marylebone, London)
HACKETT (1600's on in Rowley Regis)
HARRIS (1700's in Halesowen, 1800's in Cradley, Worcestershire)
HARWOOD (Thomas married Mary LACY 21/10/1711 in Wimborne Minster, Dorset also lived in Christchurch, Hampshire
and John married Lydia HATHAWAY 16/2/1734 in Wimborne Minster, Dorset)
AHEARN or HEARN (Daniel born 1821 in Cork, married Mary BRIEN 8/9/1856 in Deptford)
HESTER (Mary married Robert STEVENS 10/6/1666 in Sydenham, Oxfordshire)
HOLLOWAY (1700's around Spetisbury, Dorset and 1800's in Christchurch, Hampshire and Wardour, Wilshire)
HOLMAN (1700's in Newport Pagnell)
HOLT (Hannah born 1822 in Kingswinford, Staffordshire, father John)
HOMER (1800's in Rowley Regis)
HOOKER (1700's in Colby, Norfolk)
HOWES or HOWS (1700's in Blickling, Norfolk)
INGLEY (Sarah born 1800 in Rowley Regis)
INSLEY (Anne born 1717 in Rowley Regis; father Joseph)
JONES (Eliza born 1824 in Maldon, Essex)
JONES (Sarah born 1715 in Minstead, Hampshire)
JOY (1700's, John born 1772 in Salisbury, Wiltshire)
KING (1700's in Sydenham, Oxfordshire)
LINEHAN (Catherine 1804-1866, born Cork, married Thomas Waghorn 6/7/1834 in Lewisham, Kent)
LITTLE (Mary born 1853, married Francis Rogers, 13/1/1772 in Chinnor, Oxfordshire)
LODGE (William born 1860's? married Mary Cooper 19/7/1812 at Sutton at Hone, Kent)
LORD (Mary born 1779 in Whalley, Lancashire)
LOVEY (Alphonse 1800-1870, born in Paris?, France; father James or Joseph)
LOVEYS (1700's and 1800's in Hennock, Devon)
LOVICK (1700's and 1800's in Aylsham, Norfolk)
LOWE (James, married to Sarah, sons James, 1821, and Anthony, 1823 in West Bromich and Tipton, Staffordshire)
MALIN(S) (1700's in Towersey, Buckinghamshire)
MANNING (Michael 1852-1899, born in Ireland, married Kate DUKES in 1879 in Woolwich, Kent)
MANTLE (1700's and 1800's in Dudley)
MCKENZIE (Margaret born 1781 in Kilmorack, Inverness, married James MCLEAN 14/4/1804 in Inverness)
MITCHELL (Joseph married Sarah in late 1790's, children Maria 1806, Betty 1809, Thomas 1811, Susannah 1813, Sarah 1819 and Charlotte, 1824; lived in Rossendale/Bacup/Rochdale/Heptonstall area of Lancashire/Yorkshire borders)
NEWMAN ( 2 families - 1 around Dartford in 1700's and the other around Christchurch, Hampshire in the 1600's and 1700's)
NOCK (1700-1850's in Rowley Regis)
PARNELL (1700's in New Forest)
RAYBOULD (1750-1850 in Netherton, Worcestershire)
ROGERS (1700's - Francis born 1749 (calc) married Mary LITTLE 13/1/1772 in Chinnor, Oxfordshire)
RUCK (Sarah married Thomas BAKER 3/11/1721 in Cobham, Kent)
SCOTT (Elizabeth born 1772 in Christchurch, Hampshire; married John Holloway 30/12/1794 in Christchurch)
SEAMER (Mary Ann born 1823 in Barnstaple, Father Joseph, married Samuel Clark 8/11/1845 in Exeter)
SEWELL or SEYWELL ( 1700's around Sydenham, Oxfordshire)
SIMKIN(s) (1800's in Darlaston and West Bromwich, Staffordshire)
STEVENS (1700's in Sydenham, Oxfordshire)
SUMMONS (1700's in Pembrokeshire)
THOMAS (Thomas b. 1818 in Bridge End, Glamorgan; m. Margaret ; Children Anne 1835, William 1837 & John 1844 all in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan)
THORNTON (1650-1750 Blickling/Colby Norfolk)
TRIPPIER (1700's in Rochdale/Bacup/Rossendale Lancashire)
TURTON (John, Daughter Susannah b. 1819 in Rotherhithe, married James Edward FISHER 19/5/1839 in Dartford)
WEBSTER (1700's in Rowley Regis)
WESTWOOD (1700's in Rowley Regis)
WHITAKER (1700's in Newchurch, Lancashire)
WOODARD (1700's in Dallinghoo, Suffolk)
WRIGHT (Eliza 1832-1882 b in Tuttington, Norfolk; Mother Mary Smith, Father's name unknown)
YOUNG (1700's in Sydenham area of Oxfordshire)

I Hope that's not too much.

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