Surname interests in Staffordshire

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Surname interests in Staffordshire

Postby angeliana » Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:28 pm

I've just joined and am starting to post surname interests. There are a lot so I'll start with Staffs interests. They all date 1700s to 1800s

BOULD from Waterfall
I've got as far back as 4g grandfather John BOULD born c1732. My line goes through his son John born 1766, then James born 1807 and g grandmother Charlotte born 1844. She then left Waterfall when she married.

BRADSHAW from Stone
gg grandmother is Sarah born abt 1800. There is some doubt as to whether she was actually born in Stone as census info is unclear but she married, lived and died there. There is a Sarah born in Stone 1800 to Reuben BRADSHAW and Elizabeth TANSLEY but I have my doubts this is the correct line.

CHADWICK from Waterfall
gg grandmother is Charlotte born 1807. Her mother is probably Mary born abt 1785 but I only have LDS evidence.

SALT from Stone
gg grandfather is James SALT born abt 1786 he married Sarah BRADSHAW. They had 12 children the youngest being Frederick. He married Charlotte BOULD in 1868. He became a Police Officer then a Publican at the George & Dragon in Rowley Regis then The Brittannia in Blackheath. Their daughter Charlotte SALT has an interesting story but I'll post that separately.

STREET from Waterfall area
4g grandmother is Ellen STREET who was born abt 1729 and died in 1819. She married John BOULD.

WORMSLEY from Couldon
Hannah WORMSLEY is 3 g grandmother born abt 1764 and died 1764 who married John BOULD.

I also have lots from the Black Country but I'll post those separately.
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