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Pershouse - Parkeshouse - Parkes - Parks

Postby LawrenceP » Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:59 am

Greetings all

Apologies in advance for verbosity. It is genealogy after all.

In researching the Park(e/s/es) family that resided in Cambridge and Concord Massachusetts in the mid 1660's, a number of researchers had taken the work of one Frank Sylvester Parks and the book The Parke Families of Massachusetts as gospel for 100 years.

That book described one Lt Richard Parke (b 1667 Cambridge MA, d 1725 Concord MA) as being related to another elder Richard Parke also in Cambridge, as being father to the Lieutenant Parke. Along comes DNA testing and the 100 year old work now becomes null and void.

A known descendant of Lt Parke (7th GGrandson) DNA was compared with a known descendant of the elder Parke and they are not a match at all. Additional books by Bond, et al are equally filled with conjecture based in logic without much factual and confirmable data.

The curious part in all of this is that in a 111 marker DNA test, the closest match (with only 4 of 111 variants!) to the Lt Parke is of a pair of descendants of two Pershouse lineages of Staffordshire. A William Pershouse b1797 in Tipton d 1873 and an Adam Pershouse of abt 1595-1671. The DNA tested Pershouse descendants reside in South Africa and Australia respectively.

My inquiry is to that of the Pershouse lineage and of the Parke(e/s/es/house) relation. As I have hit the wall from one side of the relationship, maybe I can work my way from the other side. There are a number of citations listing a history of Stafford with paragraphs listing persons with appropriate surnames, and a few more citing relationship between Parkeshouse and Dudley I have read all I have access to online, and find the prospect of finally solving the puzzle brought on by a single DNA test.

Any Pershouse researchers of the Sedgley, Dudley, Wolverhampton area out there?

What I have yet to discover is in depth Pershouse research, and a researcher who may be willing to discuss their research and even more importantly, if said researcher is descendant and willing to perform a DNA test as I have yet to find a relationship between the two aforementioned Pershouse lineages and then later to incorporate the Parkes variant.

Thank you for reading and your time
Lawrence Parks - Boston, Massachusetts (yes - 11 generations and still in Boston :lol: )
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Re: Pershouse - Parkeshouse - Parkes - Parks

Postby sp1 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:27 am

If you haven’t seen it you should have a look at the book ‘Genealogical Memoirs’ by Brooke Robinson - it was privately printed so there are few copies around, but I believe it has been put on microfilm by the LDS. Brooke Robinson had two different lines of descent from the Pershouse family and researched them extensively.

I presume you are aware that the connection to the Dudleys came via Richard Parkeshouse who married Jane, illegitimate daughter of Lord Dudley.
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Re: Pershouse - Parkeshouse - Parkes - Parks

Postby SharmayP » Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:48 am

Hi Lawrence

Sharmay from the South African Pershouse’s here.

My brother did the Y DNA test - would this help you?


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