Brick Walls Please read!

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Brick Walls Please read!

Postby Northern Lass » Fri Aug 26, 2011 5:54 pm

We are going to try and keep Brick Walls to exactly that!
So if your post could go in the General Discussion then please add it in there.

That way we keep the Brick Walls for ones that we are completely stuck on

Once it starts moving with answers we can move it to General Discussion
if it then becomes a Brick Wall again flag it as such and a mod will move it back

Talking of which
I don't have much time to monitor this section and it does need sorting
so if anyone feels like monitoring it with Grangers 14 please let one of us know

These will be sifted through on a regular basis (time allowing) and ask if still a Brick wall
then it will either be left here, moved to archived or moved elsewhere.

Thanks NL


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