Joseph Wolloxall born 1818 (missing in 1871 census)

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Joseph Wolloxall born 1818 (missing in 1871 census)

Postby gardener » Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:14 pm


Ages and ages since I posted asking for the hive mind to help. I am still looking for the 1871 census for Joseph Wolloxall (surname very variable in spelling). He was born at Bewdley in 1818 and the census is consistent with that. By 1871 he would have been married to Elizabeth (Hill, 11 Oct 1869, Kingswinford, St Mary’s) and most of the 1861 kids are elsewhere. I have located all except for Mary Ann (aged 26ish in 1871) and Phoebe (aged 18ish in 1871). The latter is married by 1881 and married as Hannah Pamela, appearing in the 1881 transcript as Anna Remlar, and as far as I can see her birth was as WOLLOXALL, EMMA (mother CARTER) GRO Reference: 1853 M Quarter in DUDLEY Volume 06C Page 139, so she could be down as anything. And they might not be in Dudley but not far away either.

I wondered if Elizabeth Hill might have been married before (so perhaps other kids home in the 1871 census) but I can't see the marriage on Freereg
HILL Elizabeth WOLLAXALL Joseph Kingswinford, St Mary Dudley Register Office 213/004/349

I'm also missing a Hannah Wolloxall (mother unmarried Wolloxall) born 1867 and still alive in late 1871 so she should be in the census. Dudley area too.

But the surname is the perennial nightmare, and can't even be relied upon to end with a double-l.

1851 Dudley
Joseph WolloxallHeadM34Bewdley, Worcestershire
Sarah WolloxallWifeF28Bromley, Worcestershire
Susannah WolloxallDaughterF9Dudley, Worcestershire
Humphry WolloxallSonM7Dudley, Worcestershire
Mary Ann WolloxallDaughterF6Dudley, Worcestershire
Elizabeth WolloxallDaughterF5Dudley, Worcestershire
Jane WolloxallDaughterF4Dudley, Worcestershire

1861 Dudley
Jos Wollonal Head M 64 Dudley, Worcestershire
Sarah Wollonal Wife F 41 Dudley, Worcestershire
Susanah Wollonal Daughter F 18 Dudley, Worcestershire
Hampton Wollonal Son M 17 Dudley, Worcestershire
Mary Ann Wollonal Daughter F 16 Dudley, Worcestershire
Eliza Wollonal Daughter F 15 Dudley, Worcestershire
Jane Wollonal Daughter F 14 Dudley, Worcestershire
Phoebe Wollonal Daughter F 8 Dudley, Worcestershire
Luisa Wollonal Daughter F 5 Dudley, Worcestershire
James Wollonal Son M 3 Dudley, Worcestershire

1881 Cheslyn Hay
Joseph Walloxall Head Male 62 Beduly, Worcestershire, England
Elizabeth Walloxall Wife Female 55 Dudley, Worcestershire, England
James Walloxall Son Male 22 Dudly, Worcestershire, England
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