autosomal DNA or Y-DNA for finding a unknown father?

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autosomal DNA or Y-DNA for finding a unknown father?

Postby Ela Jones » Thu Dec 03, 2020 9:39 am

Hello together.

I am looking for an uncle's unknown father.

For this purpose he has done an aDNA test at ancestry. I uploaded the results to myHeritage.

The biggest hits on ancestry were 311 and on myHeritage 216.7 cM. The next distance is about 60 cM. In spite of many aids, the father cannot be clearly identified to date.

My question to you;

Would a yDNA-test give more definite results (provided, of course, that the wanted person or someone very close to him or her had also done a DNA test)?

Many thanks in advance

Ela Jones
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Re: autosomal DNA or Y-DNA for finding a unknown father?

Postby peterd » Tue Dec 08, 2020 7:27 pm

y DNA test only runs from father to son, but for Family research the Autosomal DNA is best for closer generations, does you uncle have any half sibling different father or his mother or cousin on his mother side still alive who you can get to do a DNA test? as any match that matches him and another test on his mother side could rule out his maternal line the remainder will be his paternal side

hope this helps

have you tried you enter the number of CM and it gives you a rough calculation on the relationship
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