My DNA Results are in!

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My DNA Results are in!

Postby chiddicks » Sat Dec 14, 2019 2:09 pm

My DNA results are in!!

Could I be anymore British if I tried!

86% British, with a large percentage of that Southern England, the Southern England part is hardly surprising.

What does surprise me and is somewhat disappointing, is the very low percentage of results for Italy and Ireland, given my supposed connections to both these countries on my direct lines.

So what to do next with the information provided by Ancestry?

My Ancestry DNA results have come up with seven matches on my Ancestry hints, which indicate three 4th cousin matches and four 5th-8th cousin matches, which are listed as moderate connections, but nothing closer than that. So I now have seven new contacts to make and try to find a connection between our families.

There are also a staggering 90 matches of 4th-6th cousins.

The next step I think, is to initially to make contact with the seven closest matches and examine closer, the 90 matches!

I feel that I need to then formulate and organize a real plan going forwards of where and how to upload my raw data elsewhere…………………..

So look out for the next instalment, making contacts and formulating a battle plan for up loading the raw data. ... ts-are-in/
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