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Samuel Homer -Crime and Punishment

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:47 am
by MarkCDodd
We have a Samuel Price on BCC who is probably the pervert in this case.

Crime, Prisons & Punishment
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First name: Samuel
Last name: Homer
Age: 18
Year of birth: 1870
Occupation: Chain Maker
Date the court session started: 17 Nov 1888
Court: Worcester
Area of court: Worcestershire
Victims: Phoebe Rudge
Record source: A Calendar Of Prisoners Tried At The Assizes
The National Archives reference: HO140/109

We have the victim.

23rd September 1888 at the parish of Romsley. Attempted to have unlawful carnal knowledge of Phoebe Rudge, a girl under the age of thirteen years (the age of consent back then) to wit, of the age of twelve years.

Pleaded guilty and sentenced to 6 months hard labour.