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Enoch Homer -Crime and Punishment

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:38 am
by MarkCDodd
Having a ball looking at the new crime records released by FMP.

This Enoch was very naughty indeed.

7th March 1859. Stafford. Convicted of assault. 21 Days.

18th May 1863. Stafford. Convicted of willful damage. 14 days hard labour.

Adj Session, Worcestershire, 1864. Convicted of assaulting Police. 9 months hard labour.

and this one on Samuel Price

Crime, Prisons & Punishment
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First name: Enoch
Last name: Homer
Age: 41
Year of birth: 1838
Occupation: Nailer
Date the court session started: 13 Oct 1879
Court: Worcester
Area of court: Worcestershire
Victims: Samuel Price
Record source: A Calendar Of Prisoners Tried At The General Quarter Sessions Of The Peace - Michaelmas
The National Archives reference: HO140/48

Allegedly stole a quantity of nails from James on the 23rd July 1879. Found guilty of larceny and given 6 months hard labour.