Reunion or Family Tree Maker for mac v3?

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Reunion or Family Tree Maker for mac v3?

Postby softcentre » Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:20 am

I have dabbled in recording my family tree on the free Ancestry site for a year or 2 but before I invest a lot more time I want to be in control i.e. have the records on my computer (a new iMac). Ive looked at reviews of FTM and the reviews of early versions for mac were mixed - if not awful. Version 3 seems better and a couple of people on the amazon (avanquest) website have said v3 is fine. The alternative is Reunion and Ive had a go with the trial version but not that impressed. Its not the cost that bothers me so much as the operability and the fact that I don't want to spend hours on inputting data to find I don't like the software. I find Ancestry quite easy to use and I guess that FTM is similar? Advice seems to be not to try to sync ancestry to FTM, at least at first, but rather use gedcom file to move the data. Any strong views out there?
Also I can get FTMM3 off the app store for approx £30 or buy it on amazon with 6 months 'free' ancestry access for approx £47. At present I favour the latter just to see what the ancestry subscription service is like. Any pitfalls?
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Re: Reunion or Family Tree Maker for mac v3?

Postby Waltzer7 » Fri May 08, 2015 8:46 pm

Hi Softcentre,

This is why I have got "Parallels" installed on my MacBook laptop so I can go in between using Apple's Safari as well as using Windows 7, the latter, I'm on at the moment for Family Tree issues.

I also use Ancestry online Family Tree as that seems to be the safer option as I almost lost the Family Tree when our old PC packed up but luckily they were recovered, stored on memory thingy till I got this MacBook but because they were originally on our old PC, we decided to have Parallels installed on our iMac and MacBook so we have the best of both Apple and PC.

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