J's.....Post your J Surnames in this Section

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J's.....Post your J Surnames in this Section

Postby Northern Lass » Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:53 pm


JACKSON -----------------CHINAGIRL (Warkworth, Northumberland) // jaymay (rowley regis /old hill) // girlyklvj Poplar // Alan_Haynes (Stourbridge, Amblecote, Dudley) duchess (Staffordshire/Sheffield)
JACOBS.......................Julie H( Sussex and Swynnerton,Staffordshire )
JARRETT.......philrmoon...Researching the name Jarrett or other similar spellings In particular Stephen born about 1695 to 1726
JEAVENS------------------Dennis (Black Country)
JEAVONS----------------- scarsdale037 (Rowley Regis) // snoopysue (Sedgley, Tipton)
JENKINS-------------------KenHolmes152 (Aberdare, Glamorgan) //boz (Radnor, Hereford, Aston and West Bromwich)
JERVIS---------------------Alice H ...More...
JESSOP--------------------dudleylad (Smethwick and Ladywood)
JEWKES------------------sp1 (Dudley, Worcs, Brierley Hill/ Kingswinford, Staffs)
JINKS------snoopysue (West Bromwich, Cradley Heath)
JOHNSON-----------------dudleylad (Darlaston, Oldbury, Whiteheath,Langley) // lavy (Rowley Regis, Cradley Heath) // gwen // Annie (Black Country) // Alice H ...More... // kendalcottages
JOHNSTON-----brickwalls (Manchester, Scotland)
JONES---------------------dudleylad (Leamore, Walsall) // Margarett (Rowley Regis, especially Jews harp Makers )// pjrich (Birmingham) // Poppygirl (Oldbury, Warley Wigorn) // Genealogy Fan (Halesowen/Black Country) // nessa (1830-1900 Pensnett Staffordshire) // westbromval (Halesowen) // LittleDot [i](Rowley Regis, Dudley (1800-1900) // vahill (Wales) // Rosegarden (Halesowen) // Teresa's Tree (West Bromwich, Great Bridge, Sedgley, Walsall and surrounding Black Country areas (Staffordshire) // kdp
JORDAN ------------------CHINAGIRL (Northumberland) // expat66(Birmingham and Haseley & Hatton, Warwickshire)
JOYCE.....................flaminglacer Dorset
JUDSON------------------- cleggy (Tyne and Wear, East Riding Yorkshire)
JULIFF(& Variants)-------Gareth Juliff ...More...
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