"Unknown" burial

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"Unknown" burial

Postby jimstallard » Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:30 pm

I have been looking for the burial place of my sister (born and died before I was born) for many years, and all avenues have not led anywhere, however one piece of information I have is that my Dad said she was buried at the foot of an "unknown" woman's grave in Peartree. Now, whether that meant "unknown" to him, or "unknown" to the authorities I do not know, but I thought it would be relatively easy to find all "unknown" burials in 1956 after May 17th in Southampton. Apparently not. Everyone I have contacted (Archives, Bereavement Service, cemeteries and parish churches) say it's not possible. But surely such records were kept? Anyone any idea how I go about it?

[Child: Jayne Kristina Stallard
Born: 15th May 1956
Died: 17th May 1956 from trauma at birth
Father: William Henry Stallard, b.1925, d. 2007
Mother: Betty Lucy Stallard, nee Barnes, b.1928
Living at 3 Lime Avenue, Sholing at the time.]
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