Mary Ann Dodman & Freeland Graham

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Mary Ann Dodman & Freeland Graham

Postby Scratch And Patch » Sat Sep 13, 2014 5:19 pm

This post coincides with my most recent post of Edward Graham. Mary Ann & Freeland were living in Brantford, Brant County Ontario, in 1844.
When they had their daughter Mary Ann Graham b. est 26 Feb 1844. 1st question is it possible to find a marriage record for Mary Ann Dodman & Freeland?
After this event of the birth of Mary Ann Graham, this family moves to Plattsville, Brant County, where son Edward is born est. 1845.

2nd question - on 15 Feb 1848, Elizabeth Dodman, youngest sister to Mary Ann, marries William Broderick. Freeland Graham along with brother John Dodman are
witnesses. This event is the last placement I can put Freeland Graham. Is it possible to find a death record for Freeland?

In an 1851 Canada Census Mary Ann Dodman is in Oxford County, Blenheim District & in an 1861 Canada Census she is still living in Blenheim Distrsict. With her mother Mary Hipkins
remarried to John Hipkins ( who has PASSED BY THIS TIME ) & her only child from this marriage Richard Hipkins. During this event period Mary Ann Dodman is working on a farm, owned by
her sister Avis Dodman married to Mark Robinson as a " HIND!!!!!!!!!! " Which is the exact word used, as I understand is a word commonly used in England, only.

3rd question - is it possible to find a death record for Mary Ann Dodman?

I have personally travelled to Oxford County & Brant County to research these questions myself, but to " NO AVAIL!!!!!!!! "

Thank You Very Much For All & Any Help With This Post - Scratch And Patch
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