Tracing Edward Betts Hopper (1799-1840)

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Tracing Edward Betts Hopper (1799-1840)

Postby thewillistree » Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:14 pm

I am researching my distant cousin, Edward Betts Hopper [] (born into a Quaker family in Dover in 1799) who in 1839 was a on the board of Directors of the New Zealand Company - which was set up to help colonise the 'new country' and transport tradesmen and farmers from the UK to Wellington to help build new communities.

Although there is a wealth of archive material from around 1839 onwards (newspaper articles and advertisements from both London and Wellington) I have been unable to find anything from his birth onwards. I have been in touch with the National Library of New Zealand who have provided me with a long list of links to NZ archive websites.

The only links to life in England I have been able to find are a number of sketches by Edward of a rather impressive house on Hampstead Heath, dated 1839, and described as his 'family home'. I've been in touch with whose administrator has put out feelers with the local history societies to see if any links can be found between Edward and the Heath (see

I've search The Times newspaper but found nothing.

SO, if anyone can suggest places to look, or pass on information you may have already found, I would be very grateful.
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