Woolley/Wooley/Woley St. Albans, Hert. and Riber, Derby.

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Woolley/Wooley/Woley St. Albans, Hert. and Riber, Derby.

Postby grammymndr » Sat Nov 09, 2013 6:44 pm

I need help on Descendents of John Woley b. 1453, suppose Father of Robert Woolley - to me there just seems to be a generation missing here. According to my calculation, John would have been 75 yrs old when Robert was born and his mother (Ann) 43 yrs. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or, alternatively, have this information? I do know that the descendents in my tree were from St. Albans.

This is attached to another family's tree
Robert I. Wooley
b. 1528, Riber, Matlock Parish, Derbyshire
d. 9 January 1603, St. Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire

John Woley (1453-1542)

Ann Woley (1485-)
Anne (1528-)
Married 1546

Thomas (1548-1608)
John (1554-)
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