Finding records for East Riding Yorkshire Jackson ancestors

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Finding records for East Riding Yorkshire Jackson ancestors

Postby usignuolo » Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:12 am

My Jackson ancestors are from Pocklington and York in Yorkshire. All the men were called Matthew, John, Richard and Thomas and the women Elizabeth and Ann. This makes it relatively easy to pick out the family units but harder to separate the generations. Also on some sites York is used interchangeably for both city of York and as an abbreviation for Yorkshire.

I am trying to work out if the Matthew Jackson born in Pocklington in 1760 (son of Matthew) is the same Matthew Jackson born 1768 who married Mary Turner in "York" in 1798. I am pretty sure they are both my ancestors - all the Matthew Jacksons in Pocklington are. Plus Matthew born in 1768 (I don't know where) married Mary Turner (from East Riding) and they had the full set of Jackson children with the family names. So odds on they are my ancestors too. I do not have a place or date of birth for the Matthew born in 1768.

The thing is from the family tree I have compiled, there can only really be one Matthew Jackson born in 1760s. So are Matthew J b 1760 in Pocklington and Matthew born 1768 (and married in York in 1798) one and the same person?.

I should like to obtain birth certificate for the 1760 Matthew and marriage certificate for the 1768 Matthew but not sure where these might be held (Pocklington Parish registers/Beverly Records office/York archives?) Situation further complicated by fact York Archives seem to be closed to the public at present, you can request a sighting of an archive box which will be brought to the Town Hall for you a couple of afternoons a week, but you need to know the archive number and I do not.

Anyone got any suggestions. I am on ancestry and have also looked at Family Search but not got more information. Don't know if there is more on the BMD or FYP sites. Can anyone help?
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Re: Finding records for East Riding Yorkshire Jackson ancest

Postby linell » Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:27 pm

There is no birth certificate for 1760 only a Baptism, you need to view the Parish Register for Pocklington which would be held at York County Archives, the same with the Marriage that will be held at York Archives. I would email York and ask when they are open again. ... index.html

HTH Linell.
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