Victims of the Great Zeppelin Raid 1916



Victims of the Great Zeppelin Raid  1916


Victims of the Great Zeppelin Raid 1916
from "The History Of Wednesbury" website...

The first bombs fell on Wednesbury, they landed in the King Street area, near to a large factory.

The 13 Zeppelin victims - also victims of the war - have no memorial at all, apart from this one here below:

January 31st, 1916

Mary Ann Lee aged 59
Rachel Higgs aged 36
Frank Thompson Linney aged 36 - Here on BCC ... ... ver=362870
Susan Howells aged 30
Matilda Mary Burt aged 10
Joseph Horton Smith, aged 37 - Joseph and children here on BCC... ... ver=362849
Ina Smith, aged 7
Nellie Smith, aged 13
Thomas Horton Smith, aged 11
Mary Emma Evans aged 5
Edward Shilton aged 33 - Edward & wife Betsy here on BCC ... ... =560587643
Betsy Shilton, aged 39
Albert Gordon Madeley aged 21

Photo courtesy of the Black Country Living Museum
Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:43 pm

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